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bullet Do you have a low sex drive?
7 out of 10 women complaining of a low sex drive have a hormone imbalance.
bullet Hot Flashes?
8 out of 10 women complaining of hot flashes have a hormone imbalance.
bullet Are you Depressed?
2 out of 3 women complaining of depression have a hormone imbalance.
bullet Irritable?
7 out of 10 women complaining of irritability have a hormone imbalance.

If so, Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments may be right for you. You'll experience a higher sex drive and fewer to no hot flashes. Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments also fight the effects of depression.

New for 2019! The Gig Harbor IV Lounge featuring comfortable chairs for nutraceutical IV therapy. Meyer's Cocktail, Vitamin C infusions, glutathione, amino acids, and Vitamin B12.

Nancy has successfully designed safe and natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women without the risks associated with conventional HRT.

Tired of Yo-Yo dieting? Nancy offers proven weight loss strategies for men and women. You'll learn how to lose 3-7 pounds a week. You'll look and feel better with more confidence.

Do you hate waiting for your doctor, only to be seen for a few minutes? You can see Nancy for all your primary care needs. You'll receive attentive and detailed care without long waits. She takes the time to give you the care you need.

We're located at 7901 Skansie Avenue, Suite 105 in beautiful Gig Harbor. We serve our surrounding communities on the Peninsula.
Services Include:
A variety of laser services, depending on client preference.
Non-surgical FDA approved injectible filler options.
Bio-identical hormone and nutrition therapies.
Skin aesthetics products and nutritional supplements.

Nancy E. Boyden, ARNP is committed to providing you with proven solutions, superior service and integrity. Our medical staff is knowledgeable and caring. We offer supportive and confidential treatment choices.

Stop suffering from the effects of low sex drive, hot flashes and depression.
Discover how you can look and feel your best!

Natural Health Solutions, combining the best of science and nature.

We provide health care for:
Weight Loss
Increasing Energy
Improving Digestion
Improving Mood
Fertility Issues

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