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Collaboration of Medical Care

We work together to formulate a plan of medical care for you. Our office is much more interested in treating the reason you are not well, not just medicating the symptoms.

Diet, Health Habits and Blood Work are all examined and evaluated.


Functional Medicine

By interpreting scientific lab test results of vital body systems (digestive, hormonal, immune and detoxification), Nancy can identify which natural remedies will help you regain a healthy balance of body and mind.


Tailored Health Plan

Tailored Health Plan
Nancy specializes in designing natural health solutions for both male and female hormone imbalances, fatigue, weight problems and digestive problems.

Her guiding principle is founded in correcting imbalances in basic body systems-working from a science-based diagnosis, not just symptom-based treatment.

Balancing the body's systems promotes longevity and dramatically improves quality of life.

Nancy's mission is to guide and support her patients and assist them in reaching their health goals by combining the best of science and nature.

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